We want to provide every student with a well rounded educational experience.  While the outdoors lends itself naturally to scientific study and natural history, we also include all disciplines in our lessons including Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Social Studies and the Arts.  While some sessions might focus more on one branch of education, everything is interwoven naturally to pull concepts and learning from all subjects.


Age Groups

Children and their caregivers are invited to join the appropriate age group for them and come adventure with us.  Each age group has their own developmental needs and we work to make sure these are met throughout our sessions.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in on the hands-on fun or relax and observe from the sidelines!  


Have siblings that fall under two different age groups? No problem!  Check out our FAQ section for information on how we handle this.


The preschool age group spends their class time exploring the landscape and negotiating new friendships as they build gross and fine motor skills, develop interpersonal skills and demonstrate their keen powers of curiosity.  These explorers tend to enjoy stopping to climb on fallen logs, looking under rocks, using sticks, leaves and bark in their pretend play and digging in the dirt.

Ages 6 - 8 Pioneers

The early school age group is often becoming more bold in there exploration.  They want to push further and see more.  They aren't afraid to hike further and love the adventure of the journey.  With more sophisticated motor skills, they are ready to explore rocky areas and work together as a team to implement risk assessment skills as they explore deeper into the wilderness.  


Class Themes

Nature art

Using inspiration from nature as well as many natural materials we will create beautiful artwork both collaboratively and individually.


From ponds and streams, to the space under a log, we will explore all of the habitats big and small that provide homes for the interesting creatures that live around us.


We will look at the cycles that take place around us, from the moon and sun, to the trees and wildlife.  These cycles have long been the subject of interest to humans around the world.

The five senses

We use our senses to sift through the many things happening around us everyday, but there is plenty to observe that goes unnoticed.  Lets take some time to stop and smell the roses.

Team building

Being outside in the wilderness is enhanced with the right team.  When our team is strong we can accomplish so much! Through games and activities we will build the ultimate team.

Animal signs

Wildlife sightings are one of the most exciting parts of being out in nature.  We will learn about the signs, tracks and markings that help us track down cool animals in all seasons.


Creepy crawlies are not so creepy after all! We will look for all sorts of cool insects, and even some surprising creatures that aren't insects! Some of these animals will amaze you.

Forest Magic

Have you ever seen signs of fairies in the woods? How about woodland gnomes? We will be on the look out for magical creatures as we make them homes, toys and tools!

Music and movement

The trees, wind, birds and water all make their own beautiful music! We will add our own music and movement to the wilderness as we explore, dance and make instruments. 


Getting in the mud is a childhood staple.  From mud pies to mud sculptures, we will do it all! Come prepared to get messy as we explore the fabulous world of MUD!


From human-sized birds nests to lean-tos we will be putting together shelters of all kinds.  We will use teamwork to gather materials and supplies, make a plan and get to work.

Forest survival skills

Have you always wanted to learn how to start a fire the old fashion way? Use a saw to cut wood? We will try some of these skills out as we talk about risk assessment and safety.

Tales of the forest

There are so many books and plays about the forest to explore, so we will spend some time focused on story telling! Finding peaceful spaces to imagine and act out the stories we love.


Pulley systems, canals, sky scrapers, ladders and more! We will design all sorts of structures and tools to use out in the woods. Bring your thinking caps, creative minds, and a collaborative spirit as we work together to problem solve.