Frequently Asked Questions

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Can i drop my child off and come back after?

At this time all of our classes include caregiver support from a parent, grandparent, babysitter or other trusted adult.  Some parents choose to take turns bringing each other's children.  We hope to transition to a drop off program in the future.

Where are you located?

We do not have a brick and mortar location at this time.  We utilize the outdoor classroom provided by city parks and woodlands as well as conservation lands maintained by organizations such as the Greenbelt: Essex County's Land Trust.  We are also working to partner with local small businesses in the towns and cities we love.

What should i do if i have multiple children that i want to sign up, but they are in different age groups?

Siblings are free to sign up for the same class even if they are in different age groups!  We are happy to help you decide which class is most appropriate for your children.  Some younger children thrive in our older class by looking up to the older children, and some older children love being role models to the younger group.  We can discuss your family and place them in the best fitting class for everyone. 

I have a 2.5 year old that is ready to move on from the baby class, can they sign up for a six week session?

Of course!  Our programs are geared mostly toward ages 3 - 8, but we believe in flexibility! Though we do offer monthly baby and toddler classes, we are happy to discuss your older toddler's needs if you believe they are ready to join us in our six week program!

I have an infant, can i bring them as well?

Siblings under 2.5 are welcome to come on our nature adventure, but may need to be carried in a child carrier.  Many of the areas we explore are not stroller friendly (with few exceptions, which you will see noted in the program listing).  The physical demands are geared toward the age group targeted in each class.  Please reach out if you have more specific questions about this.